More productive, made easier to work with and cost-efficient

Nekos has developed an automatic plastic-box-handling system that improves the stacking, unloading, washing, and storage of the boxes. In addition, introduction of boxes at packing points, collection of items, boxing, and loading all become faster.

Automated handling system

  • Reduce the need for personnel resources
  • Improve ergonomics and occupational safety
  • Guarantee consistent quality
  • Save space

The core of the innovation is automation

The plastic-box-handling system is complemented with Nekos's European-patented LT warehouse, suitable for the storage of both clean and dirty boxes. Nekos continuously develops new, innovative solutions for the handling of plastic boxes.




Let us know your needs and wishes, and we will develop the most suitable solution for you!

Nekos-Service – maintenance that works

Our quick and reliable Nekos-Service provides extensive maintenance services. We service equipment from all manufacturers active in the market.



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