A simpler and more reliable process for freight handling

Nekos delivers many types of freight-handling systems, in a range of sizes, in accordance with the customer's needs and wishes. Our solutions are of modular construction and can be scaled all the way to full-sized automatic sorting systems.

Scaling takes place in stages, as follows:

  1. A movable manual registration point where the measured andinvoicing weight information is combined for the package ID.
  2. A fixed registration point where the barcodes are read automatically.
  3. In addition, volumes (dimensions) are measured automatically.
  4. Also freight is sorted automatically, with a capacity of 700 packages per hour, for example.
  5. A full-scale, high-efficiency Vanderlande sorterthat can handle thousands of packages per hour.

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Nekos-Service – maintenance that works

Our quick and reliable Nekos-Service provides extensive maintenance services. We service equipment from all manufacturers active in the market.



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