We secure the availability of spare parts

Nekos has in-depth knowledge of the process equipment in our industry. You can rest assured that we can provide you with the correct spare part as quickly as possible, even installed if that is necessary.

Thanks to our spare-parts service, you can decrease the size of your stock and thus reduce the investment and maintenance costs caused by maintaining your own stocks.

Quick and easy ordering

Send us a spare-part order or request a quote. We will be in touch on the next business day, at the latest. You can then suggest the transport method that is most suitable for you.

During office hours, you can call our technical sales team.
Contact person: Pasi Virtanen, telephone +358 40 535 7350.

Sign an ALNE spare-parts contract

ALNE My Stock is a stock of spare parts owned and maintained by ALNE Service but at the customer's disposal. It guarantees the reliable availability of spare parts in a financially sensible way.

By signing an ALNE spare-parts contract, you can ensure

  • Quick deliveries of critical special components
  • The availability of spare parts for the equipment's entire service life

The spare-parts stock is on either the customer's or ALNE Service's premises. In addition to the benefits related to ownership and logistics, the spare-parts contract includes other features that introduce additional value, such as the maintenance of spare parts and the option of updates.

Please ask for more information!


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