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Services that guarantees reliable operation

Nekos-Service guarantees effortless reliability and development of production equipment throughout the product's life cycle.

Mechanical advance service includes:


  • Inspection of functions
  • The necessary adjustments to, for example, the conveyor belt
  • Lubrication and cleaning, when necessary
  • Visual inspection of the condition, deformation, and wear of parts
  • Inspection of gear noises and leaks
  • Inspection of sensor attachments
  • Inspection of engine running noises
  • Specification of spare-part needs
  • Inspection of documents

Automation advance service includes:

  • Inspection of functions
  • Inspection and testing of safety circuits
  • Visual inspection of cables
  • Inspection of the control centres
  • Specification of spare-part needs
  • Inspection of documents

Contact us and let us know about your service needs. We can help plan a suitable service programme for you.

Nekos-Service – a reliable spare-parts service
You can find spare parts for the equipment of all manufacturers from Nekos-Service's extensive range of spare parts, quickly and efficiently.



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